Bike Lights


Bike Lights - Factors to Consider

Following a number of technological advancements in bicycle lights over the past number of years, lights are now smaller, stronger and more reliable than ever before. Ready to accommodate a vast range of user preferences, it’s helpful to consider a number of relevant factors before making a purchase decision.

Lumens - Simply a measure of the total amount of light that is emitted from a particular source, it is likely you’ll come across this term when comparing the strength of lights – typically the higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light! It is important to keep in mind that more doesn’t necessarily mean better, and unless you’re planning on serious night off road-action, its generally better to consider a light with a refined range of lumen levels so you’re not blinding your bunch ride companions.

Flash Modes - As mentioned above, it’s important to consider bicycle lights that have a wide range of mode functions in order to best accommodate different scenarios. Generally, lights can be adjusted to low, medium or high levels of power, plus a range of different flashing modes. Flash modes are particularly useful if you’re concerned about being seen on the road, as well as allowing you to get longer battery duration in comparison to a standard block mode.

Battery and Charging - One of the biggest changes in bicycle light technology in recent times has been the move from replaceable battery powered devices, to USB rechargeable batteries. While each cycle may not be as long with rechargeable models in comparison to conventional batteries, the rechargeable models are generally much brighter, smaller and lighter, and micro USB charging is an accessible method of charging in modern society.

Other - While the above factors may be considered the most important factors to prioritize, its also important to consider general factors like weight, size, price, durability, mounting method and style, as well as additional equipment that may be required such as external batteries and mounting options.

Bike Lights for Sale

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