Cycling Accessories


Bike Accessory Range

When it comes to bike accessories there’s nearly more on offer at BikeExchange than bikes themselves. Popular bike accessories include, but are no means limited to:

Bike Lights

Bike lights are an incredibly useful and protective bike accessory, along with being a legal requirement if riding on the roads at night. Not only do they help you, the rider, see in dark or compromised riding conditions, most importantly, they’ll help you be seen by other road users. Bike lights are designed for all types of riding. Mountain bike lights for example, will usually offer incredible brightness so as to literally light up a trail at night. Whereas lights for road cyclists are less bright for the safety of other road users.

Bike Tools

Bikes are efficient machines, but they need basic servicing to keep them running reliably. Bike tools a wide range of items from basic Hex Keys and pedal spanners, through to work stands and workshop specific tools.

Bike Computers and Heart Rate Monitors

Cycling computers give us a wealth of real-time information that can include everything from speed and distance through to more detailed information such gradient percentage, heart rate, temperature, cadence, calories burned, map charting, power output and much more. Many modern computers can also sync your ride data to popular online applications such as Strava and Map My Ride.


This encompasses a wide selection of cycling bags including pannier bags, saddle bags, shoulder bags, wheel bags, bike bags and backpacks. There are a lot of bags out there for all the bits and pieces that need to be moved around. Bike bags play a big role in both helping protect and carry your accessories or by giving you peace of mind and ease when you travel with your bike.

Bike Pumps & C02 cartridges

Flats and punctures are an inevitable part of bike riding. Hand pumps and c02 cartridges are often essential items to carry in the event of a flat. They’re small, lightweight units that fit snugly on the downtube of a bike or into a jersey pocket. At home or work, a floor pump is a better option for keeping your tire pressure at the ideal level. Being larger in size, a floor pump is a breeze to use compared to a hand pump.

Bike Bottles, Cages & Bolts

Also referred to as a bidon and bidon cages, these allow you to take fluids such as water on the bike and are essential for anyone doing more riding than just a quick trip to the shops and back. Bidons and cages come in a range of colors and styles to ensure they fit with your bike or kit.

Bike Locks

For many of us, our bikes are our pride and joy and indeed some of us seem to spend more on them than we do our cars. However, when you stop pedalling, you’re likely going to need to lock it up. Hence the need for high quality, reliable bike locks.


Cycling sunglasses are an important accessory that help protect your eyes from UV rays, wind, rain, sand and other elements mother nature will throw your way when out riding.


We offer a wide variety of trainers, from rollers that you balance your bike on, to resistance trainers you attach your bike to. Trainers are a great way to stay riding when it’s not ideal to take your bike out. The weather might be against you, you might be time poor or you may just feel more challenged riding a program indoors, either way BikeExchange has you covered.

Bike Car Racks

Car racks vary in size, the number and type of bikes they can carry. Bike car racks will either be located on the rooftop or back of a vehicle.

Bike Chain Lubricants

Ensuring smooth riding and longevity of your drive chain, chain lubricant is an essential accessory for all bike riders, irrespective of the type of bike riding they do.


Bike baskets and panniers help you transport goods so you don’t have to take the car or public transport. Laptops, groceries, work or school lunches, etc. can all be stored and transported well in bike baskets or panniers. Panniers are particularly useful for bike touring, offering generous carrying capacity for those needing to carry more than the fundamentals such as clothing, boots, bike tools and spares, even potentially cooking equipment.

Bike Child Seats

A great way to get the whole family moving, child seats can be installed onto specific adult bikes so that little ones can come along for the ride too.