Cyclocross Bikes


Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross bikes are often thought of as being a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike . They can be used for a range of different purposes, although the name comes from a style of racing. Cyclocross races take place on tracks that have a range of different surfaces including mud, gravel, sand, and grass. As well as getting over this terrain the racers also have to negotiate obstacles, many of which require the rider to dismount and put the bike on their shoulder to get over the obstacle before continuing.

What you need to know about cyclocross bikes

You can get cyclocross bikes that are built for this type of racing, but the features of a cyclocross bike make it suitable for a range of other applications. In particular they make excellent bikes for commuting and for touring. At BikeExchange we are the best online marketplace for everything bike so you will find a wide range of cyclocross bikes for sale in listings from both individuals and bike shops.

Important facts about cyclocross bikes

So, what makes a cyclocross bike unique from other styles? If you glance at one you might not immediately see the differences. Some of them are subtle, but they are very important whether you are involved in cyclocross racing, or riding your cyclocross bike to work.

• Frame designs - the frame of a cyclocross bike is different to a road bike. There is usually a longer wheel base and you sit on the bike in a more upright position. This makes it easier to maneuver, and more comfortable to ride.

• Clearance - to make it easier to get over obstacles the bottom brackets are usually higher on cyclocross bikes. In addition there’s more clearance in the fork legs so that your wheels keep spinning even when there is a buildup of mud.

• Tires - tires are usually wider than the tires on road bikes, plus they have more grip.

• Cables - the cables on a cyclocross bike are usually positioned so that they are out of the way when the rider puts the bike onto his/her shoulder to walk or run with it.

Advantages of cyclocross bikes

If you are involved in cyclocross racing you will understand the importance of this specific style of bike, but lots of others can benefit too. The maneuverability that helps cyclocross racers get around the track and over obstacles can also help city commuters negotiate the bumps and contours of the road. The tire configuration means it is also possible to use dirt tracks as well as roads on the commute or while touring, plus the more upright seating position gives you greater visibility and a more comfortable ride.

Choosing a cyclocross bike

We offer a range of options including bikes built specifically for racing. These are usually the most expensive bikes in our listings. Other models that are perfect for touring and commuting are also available. Plus you will find all the top brands in cyclocross bikes such as Giant, Trek, Cannondale, Fuji, and Liv.

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