Handlebar Tape


The right handlebar tape can enhance both the look and feel of your road bike. It’s a low-cost upgrade that goes a long way toward making your bike an extension of you.

Handlebar Tape for Sale

Wrapped around the handlebars, bar tape enhances the feel and control of your bike by providing increased comfort and grip. Some tapes offer added cushioning which gives the benefit of reducing hand, arm, shoulder and even neck fatigue by smoothing out road vibrations.

Available in a range of different materials and thicknesses, from smooth and thin, to tacky and thick, there’s bar tape available to suit all personal preferences.

Bar Tape Material

Cork: The most common choice in bar tape. Cork offers a soft and durable feel at a low cost, it comes in both thick and thin options and the widest selection of colors.

Leather: Perforated leather bar tape offers a classy finish to any bike. Whilst they can lack grip compared to synthetic options when wet, thanks to their natural moisture absorption and comfort once worn in, leather wraps are a premium option for riders wanting a more traditional finish and impressive durability.

Synthetic:Synthetic cork, leather and foam variants often feature a waterproof adhesive to ensure the tape is held securely in place. These are typically lighter weight than traditional cork and leather options. Some synthetic wraps will feature a tacky, rubber-like finish providing increased grip in wet and humid riding conditions.

If you’re looking to wrap your own handlebars, check out the BikeExchange blog for a guide on how to wrap handlebar tape like a pro.