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Depending on your style of riding, a road or mountain bike might not meet your needs. A hybrid may help to solve this dilemma by providing a bike that offers efficiency similar to that of a road bike, with the upright ride position and versatility of a mountain bike.

Hybrids can be tough to classify these days, with each brand having their own idea on what a hybrid is. Some brands see hybrids as a flat bar road bike, while others now call them fitness or comfort bikes.

However a brand calls them, hybrid bikes can generally be identified by an upright riding position with a flat handlebar, 700c wheels with tires wider than those found on road bikes and a wide range of gears. Other common hybrid bike characteristics can include a seat post and suspension forks that allow riders to remain comfortably seated over bumpy terrain.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Hybrid Bike

When making your hybrid bike selection, consider factors such as where you prefer to ride, whether you need to transport your bike by vehicle, and whether you prefer speed and performance over comfort and stability:

  • Tires: Choose tires for your hybrid bike that best suit your typical riding conditions. Wider tires of 35 to 45mm in width provide a smoother, more comfortable ride and increased stability on looser surfaces. Narrower tires below 30mm offer greater speed and maneuverability.

  • Brakes and Gears: The type of brakes you choose depends on your stopping preference. Disc and hub-mounted brakes provide maximum stopping ability, although linear-pull brakes remain the more common braking option on budget-conscious bikes. As far as gearing, a general rule of thumb is that the more hilly your riding terrain is, the wider range of gears you will need.

  • Suspension and Seats (or Saddle): The hybrid bike seat/ saddle and suspension you choose largely depends on your normal riding terrain and distance. Long-distance riders looking to stick to the road should select a hybrid without the added weight of suspension. Those looking for a smoother bike for shorter rides should look for a bike with suspension and a well padded saddle. A front-fork suspension hybrid bike is best for riders looking to occasionally tackle gravel roads and rail trails.

  • Frame: Hybrid bike frames are available in men’s, women’s and unisex versions. Frame materials include carbon fiber, aluminium and even steel. Most decent hybrid bikes will be made of aluminium, with carbon fiber occasionally found in the more expensive, but lighter, options.

Advantages of Hybrid Bikes

Road bikes and mountain bikes are serious machines that are designed for specific uses - travelling at high speed on the road or hammering down an off-road hillside. They are used by those involved in racing and serious weekend enthusiasts, but that doesn't cover everyone. This is where hybrids are perfect.

  • Do you want to travel quickly and efficiently on the road but don't want the low position and poor visibility that comes with a road bike?

  • Do you want to occasionally go on a gravel path or across grass but remain in control?

  • Do you want to enjoy cycling for the sake of cycling? If you answered yes to these questions, a hybrid bike is likely the bike for you.

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