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Road Bike Frames for Sale

Whether you’re looking to build the bike of your dreams, or a second (or third..) bike to make use of some spare parts you have laying around, a road bike frame is a great base to get stuck into your own dream or DIY project.

Why build from a frame?

The main advantage of building a bike from the frame up is that it allows you to fully customize every aspect of the bike, from the frame manufacturer and build material, groupset, wheels, down to the color of the bar tape and bar end plugs.

Whilst complete road bikes can be purchased off the rack at very competitive prices, for some riders, nothing compares to building your own bike. For those on the fence, getting stuck into a DIY build project can advance your bike mechanic skills whilst giving you a bike to the exact specifications you want. Though be warned, rarely will it save you money over buying a complete bike!

For the budget conscious, browsing private ads is a great way to grab a pre-loved frame at a great price

If more information is what you’re after, check out the BikeExchange blog for everything you need to know about reading geometry charts to find your right size frame, road bikes and road bike groupsets.