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A Touring Bike is designed for long distances which means it must be comfortable, easy to use and extremely dependable. But what makes a touring bike unique is its ability to carry large amounts of equipment, accessories and general luggage through the use of specific pannier racks and frame bags. No matter whether you’re riding off road, on a bike path or along endless highways, BikeExchange has a touring bike right to you.

Types of Touring Bikes on BikeExchange

Deciding which touring bike is suitable for you is a personal choice. Touring bikes are made to be comfortable with a more efficient position than a hybrid bike and more durable than a road bike. It’s the perfect mix for those long, multi-day miles on the road or off the beaten-track.

Most brands offer both flat handlebar and rounded (aka drop bar) bar touring bikes, similar to that of a road bike. Both offer stable handling when fully loaded with luggage in variable conditions and terrain. However, the flat handlebars tend to adopt a more upright position while riding. Tires are predominantly 700c or 26in in size due to wide-spread availability, however, these range from semi-knobby tires to slick road tires depending on each brand and model purpose.

What is special about touring bikes is that the frames are designed with mounting points to hold pannier racks, panniers and multiple other load-carrying bags. The addition of fenders and a front and rear lighting systems is optional but highly recommended to ensure you are equipped for safe riding in any condition.

Choosing the Right Bike for You

Shopping for a Touring Bike online can be challenging. We've made it easy with our intelligent search system. Once you’ve selected your size, you can concentrate your search by brand, price, seller location or color. Once you have found the bike you’re looking for, you can choose to ‘Click & Collect’ the bike in store, or ‘Buy Online’ and have your new bike delivered directly to your door.

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